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Jakarta Musical Riot

I just came back from having a cup of dilmah tea (was it green tea with moroccan mint?) and a piece of apple tart at Oh La la. In 2/3 bite of the tart I found a piece of hair. I gave it back and they asked if I wanted to change it with something else. If you know me, you would know I answered ‘No thanks.’

No appetite, mate! (But, I finished the tea).

The reason why I went to that 24-hour cafe was because I finished watching this musical by EKI Dance Company and felt like a little bit of breakfast before midnight. I love breakfast at any time possible, including before midnight, especially after sitting down and got filled up by the spirits and the souls of auditoriums, like Gedung Kesenian Jakarta, where the show was presented.

Anyway, the musical comedy ‘Jakarta Love Riot’ was a fun production: light, pop, down-to-earth theme, with a few celebrity support. I’m sure a lot of people loved it this evening, and more people too if they have a chance to see it. It’s something that you create to be likeable.

I laughed a few times, giggled a few more, enjoyed the dance performances. They covered music genres from 70s disco to jazz, and from hip-hop to rock. Oh, and standing applause to Sarah Sechan. This was the first time I saw her on a stage, not MC-ing or pretending to judge performing art contestants on TV, but to act on a musical. I thought she was put there to bring crowd since I smelled ‘commercialism’ everywhere. But, I must say she was the strongest character there. She really has that thing about her that makes her stand out.


I expected more from the dance company. It is after all a dance company. I know they can give you breath-taking shows, but I didn’t see it on this show. The lines could have been shorter, too.

Don’t get me wrong. I do support local musicals. It’s nice to know there are more and more ‘appreciation’ from the mass to this field of performing art. It’s soul-calming to see more people come to the theatres for this. Even though Jakarta is mostly gone around by trends instead of the actual appreciation itself, but I don’t mind. Everybody’s happy. And it’s a learning process.

The audience will learn to be more appreciative and sensitive, as the executors learn to be better, to bring out the best quality, to never stop searching, to never quit questioning what’s missing: how to connect their work to the spectators’ hearts… without having to try too hard to explain it through too many words… without having to try at all to please the spectators.

So, EKI Dance Company, once again, I enjoyed your show. It was entertaining. Good job! (insert Rianti Cartwright’s face here)

ps: Pia Alisjahbana is a nice woman, Samuel Wattimena is shorter than I thought, Rudy Wowor is taller than I thought and Farida Oetoyo is a beautiful lady.