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that’s how it is about her when she loves

She can’t do every single thing you expect her to do, can she?
She doesn’t live to please everyone.
But, for you, she has bended too far, altering herself carefully in order to receive more of your love. I call her pathetic. But, that’s how it is with her when she loves.
But, who are you to test her? And, who said the test you’re doing to her is relevant, anyway?
Who are you to push her around, down, then break her apart?
You will then label it love, when she’s done moulding herself into the shape you call perfect.
You will love her tomorrow, but perhaps she’ll be gone tomorrow. She’ll love you still, and I call it pathetic. But, that’s how it is about her when she loves. She loves, but she’s not a God. She needs to be loved, too. You will see her walk away to find the love she deserves, while constantly hoping that she’ll find it in you.